Bed and Breakfast

A B&B and hotel can be said to be much the same thing in that they both offer accommodation, although there are some differences.

What Is a B&B?

B&B is short for bed and breakfast, and as the name suggests you'll get a bed for the night, along with a breakfast. In fact, the breakfast is one of the most important parts of any stay; you can expect a full cooked breakfast, or a variety of fruit and pastries, often cooked to order and often using local products. A B&B is usually smaller than a hotel, with typically no more than 12 bedrooms and is often in someone's home. The owner often lives in the property too, and may be responsible for running the place single handedly. Many B&Bs rely on passing customers, especially in more rural locations and don't need to advertise. In the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District or Wales, your B&B may well be a remote farmhouse.

Why Stays In a B&B?

If you are looking for places to stay in leicester or anywhere else, you'll probably find that a bed and breakfast is a lot cheaper than a hotel room.

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A B&B is smaller, more relaxed and often quieter than many hotels, and the feeling of peace and quiet or being in the countryside appeals to many B&B customers. Much of the time, you don't need to book a bed and breakfast ahead of time; part of the appeal is simply coming across one in a country lane and deciding to stay there. You might be more inclined to stay in a bed and breakfast if you were on a driving tour of one of Britain's more picturesque areas, or if you are in a rural area where there aren't many hotels. You can stay in a B&B year round, although not surprisingly, many get most of their business during the summer.

Benefits Of a Bed and Breakfast

Staying in a B&B is nearly always less expensive than staying in a hotel or motel in the same area, especially when you are looking for affordable places to stay in Leicester, London, Manchester or other cities. But it isn't just the price that attracts customers to a bed and breakfast; it's the overall more relaxed and perhaps laid back atmosphere, and much of the time you are literally staying in someone's home. Most bed and breakfast owners take pride in their facility, welcome guests and enjoy looking after them and making their stay as enjoyable as possible, something you don't always find in a large hotel. Your B&B is small enough for you to not only receive personal and individual service, but also to get to know the owner and perhaps fellow guests too. Most B&B owners are also happy to point out local attractions, restaurants or help with directions. And of course, don't forget the breakfast, which to many customers is the best thing about staying in a B&B, and you may find you don't need lunch after that delicious breakfast.